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Information about using UVic's Learning & Research Repository - UVicSpace

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Inba Kehoe
Inba Kehoe, BA, MLS, PhD Candidate

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William Mearns Centre for Learning

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What is a UVicSpace community?

UVicSpace consists of collections submitted by UVic communities. A UVicSpace community is a scholarly unit at UVic, such as a department, centre, institute, or other group or individual that produces research. Each community is encouraged to name a community coordinator to help determine and review community policies and to ensure the long-term stability of the community.

Although valuable for the strength and success of a community, coordinators are not required for a community to exists or for individuals to belong to and submit to collections within that community. Communities without coordinators will have their policies determined by UVicSpace staff until a coordinator is named. Groups or individuals wishing to establish a community that falls outside of this definition will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Community and collection policies

UVicSpace community responsibilities

A UVicSpace community agrees to:

  • make decisions about community and collection definitions
  • name a coordinator who can work with UVic DSpace staff
  • notify UVicSpace staff of organizational changes effecting submission
  • reply to periodic confirmation of community information
  • understand and observe university policies relevant to UVicSpace, and educate community submitters regarding these policies
  • confirm or obtain copyright permission for items submitted
  • decide upon a submission work flow for each item

UVicSpace community rights

A UVicSpace community retains the right to:

  • decide policy regarding content to be submitted (within the Content Guidelines)
  • decide who may submit content within the community
  • limit access to content as negotiated with UVicSpace staff in accordance with the Access Policy
  • remove items and collections (as outlined in the Withdrawal Policy)
  • approve the addition or elimination of sub-communities
  • customize interfaces to reflect community content

UVicSpace staff responsibilites

UVicSpace staff agree to:

  • retain and maintain content submitted to UVicSpace
  • distribute content according to community decisions and in accordance with the Access Policy
  • preserve content using accepted preservation techniques
  • notify communities of significant changes to content, e.g. format migration
  • maintain appropriate technology infrastructure and security
  • comply with university policy on issues which affect UVic DSpace
  • return collections to existing communities and transfer to UVic Archives the collections of communities that cease to exist according to UVic Archives policies and procedures (if the UVic Libraries cease to support UVicSpace).

UVicSpace staff rights

UVicSpace staff retain the right to:

  • redistribute or amend meta data for items in UVicSpace
  • refuse or remove items or collections under certain circumstances, as outlined in the Withdrawal policy
  • renegotiate terms of original agreement with communities
  • perform appraisal for long-term archiving when communities cease to exist
  • migrate items if format is in danger of obsolescence.

UVic's responsibilites

UVic is expected to:

  • set policy at the university level regarding issues that affect UVicSpace, such as copyright rules, thesis and dissertation requirements, etc.
  • support functions mandated by existing policies
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