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Research Data Services

The University of Victoria Dataverse is a research data repository for our faculty, students, and staff. Files are held in a secure environment on Canadian servers. Researchers can choose to make content available publicly, to specific individuals, or to keep it locked. 

UVic Libraries manages our Dataverse as a member of the national Scholars Portal Dataverse Network.

Getting Started

Prior to depositing, please review our Deposit Guidelines. Once you are ready to create an account and deposit your first dataset, see our user guides below.

For any questions or support with Dataverse, contact us. ‚Äč

Dataverse User Guides

Deposit Guidelines          Dataverse Walkthrough (with screenshots)                     Quick Guide                 Extended User Guide

 Deposit Guidelines          Dataverse Walkthrough                    Quick Guide to Depositing Data                             Extended User Guide
                                               (with screenshots)

Metadata Guidance

The Dataverse repository platform provides researchers with an expansive set of metadata fields to describe their research data.


Example Dataset

Curious to see what a well documented dataset looks like? Consult this exemplar:

  • Doe, Jane, 2018, "Social Media Use Among Teens, 2015 [Canada]",, Scholars Portal Dataverse, V2, UNF:6:DlGlU6CkxCeSPOA9AnWh3g== [fileUNF]