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Research Data Services

Dataverse is an online platform designed to support the exploration, sharing, preservation, and citation of deposited data sets.
UVic Libraries manages our Dataverse as a member of the Scholars Portal Dataverse Network.

Contact us to learn more, create an account and receive support in curating and depositing your data.

  • Browse the UVic Research Data Collection to view deposited data sets from UVic researchers.
  • For step-by-step guidance on creating an account and depositing data, consult our user guide.

Dataverse User Guides


Walkthrough - Account Creation              Quick Guide to Depositing Data                              Extended User Guide
and Depositing First Dataset

(with screenshots)

Metadata Guidance

The Dataverse repository platform provides researchers with an expansive set of metadata fields to describe their research data.

Consult this brief guide for more information about metadata field definitions, with examples provided.

Dataverse Metadata Best Practices Guide v. 1.1


Example Dataset

Curious to see what a well documented dataset looks like? Consult this exemplar:

  • Doe, Jane, 2018, "Social Media Use Among Teens, 2015 [Canada]",, Scholars Portal Dataverse, V2, UNF:6:DlGlU6CkxCeSPOA9AnWh3g== [fileUNF]