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Psychology 201

Help with the literature search process

Web of Science

The Web of Science database provides access to citation information, so that researchers can see who has cited their publications (and what impact it is having), or see the relationships between works published (how research outputs are being used by other researchers in the world). 

For PSYC 201, some instructors may give you an assignment that asks you to use Web of Science to lookup an author's work, and see how many times it's been cited.  In order to complete this task, you need to know how to use the "Cited Reference Search."

How to perform a cited reference search

  1. Click on "Cited Reference Search" in the Web of Science database
  2. Enter the name of the author following the example provided -- Last Name first two initials (e.g. Lindsay DS). If the author you're looking up only has one initial, just enter one initial (e.g. Lindsay D)
  3. Scroll through the list of publications until you find the one you are seeking.  (Authors may publish numerous articles over the years so you may have to do some scrolling as they're listed chronologically).
  4. Most publications should have a "Times cited" number -- this is how many times that item has been cited in other publications.

The screenhots below show the search conducted, as well as the results.  In this example, the article I was looking up has been cited 13 times.

Screenshot showing the cited reference search box in web of science database.


screenshot showing cited reference search results page

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