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Indigenous Community Development and Governance (ICDG)

A research guide for the ICDG program

Searching Google

A lot of the literature around Indigenous community development and governance is created by practitioners in the field -- people who work for organizations or government bodies that set policy or write reports on studies they have done.  This kind of material can have a lot of value as it can help you see what others are doing, or how they dealt with a particular situation.

Probably the easiest way to locate this kind of information is to do a Google search because such information tends to be posted on websites, and not commercially published as a book or article.

To help filter your Google search to focus on documents coming out of a particular government body, you can use the advanced Google search feature to limit your search to websites coming out of particular domains.  For example, if I want examples coming from the BC government, I would type this at the end of my Google search:

Adding ensures that only websites coming from the domain are retrieved.  If you want to filter to other provincial governments or the Federal government, you can change the domain to things like:, or, etc....

Here is an example of a Google search that uses the domain filter:

Screenshot of a Google search using the filter, to filter to items coming from the BC Gov't.

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