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English How-to: Avoiding plagiarism

This guide provides resources for students and instructors on citation, plagiarism, and academic integrity.

Information has value.

Citation is a key component of academic integrity, and a vital feature of academic writing.  We cite for many reasons:

  • To engage in the scholarly conversation around your topic, and link your work to existing and new works. 
  • To demonstrate that you’ve done thorough, thoughtful research.
  • To demonstrate that is research is your own work.
  • To add credibility to your argument and evidence. 
  • To differentiate your ideas from those of others.
  • To allow your reader to assess your sources and reasons for choosing them.
  • To allow the reader to find the source, and to assess your interpretation of it. 

In addition, information has value - to the reader, author and publisher, and you must give credit for the ideas you use.