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Course Reserves Reading Lists for Students

Welcome to the Course Reserves Reading Lists for Students libguide. This new online tool will function as the primary source for course readings and resources.

How to Add Items

There are multiple ways to add resources to the sections in your reading list.

Items are added to a reading list in the form of "citations." These citations are descriptions and links to resources  (e.g., articles, books, videos, website, etc) that you add to your reading list.

Watch the three-minute video tutorial below on Adding Items to your Reading List OR choose the relevant sections in the left navigation area to assist you.

Add Citations via Library Search

Method 1: Search within the Course Reserves tool

  1. Click Add items + button to open the Search panel and select Library Search.


  1. Use the search options to find relevant items from the Libraries' collection of books and articles.
    Use the Advanced Search option to search for a specific title, author, or ISBN.


  1. You can select the item and drag and drop it into the section OR choose a Section from the drop-down menu and click Add.

  2. Continue to add items as required.
  3. Click X at the top of the Search box to close it.


  1. To remove an item from the list, go to the options menu, select Delete item and confirm.

Method 2: Adding Items from within Library Search

  1. Type a search term and click Search.

  1. Sign in so that you can quickly add citations to your reading list.

  1. Select a title from the resulting list and choose Export to Course Reserves

  1. Select a reading list and a section to add the citation.



Add items via File Upload

Use Upload a File for documents that you already own. This is useful if you have PowerPoint slides or pdf documents that you want students to read.
The use and sharing of copyrighted materials are governed by UVic's Fair Dealing Guidelines.
  1. Click ADD ITEMS + and select Upload a File and use the browse or drag-and-drop feature to upload a file from our computer.


  1. Add any additional item details to the citation.
  2. Indicate if you hold copyright OR whether the file needs to be reviewed for fair dealing compliance
  3. Choose the Section you want the citation to be added.
  4. Select Add & Close.


Add Items via Cite It

Watch a short video on how to Add Resources from the Internet Using Cite It!


Install Cite It! Widget

The Cite It! widget enables you to collect resources such as website, videos, journal articles, etc. and import the links into your reading list or "My Collection".

Note: You may need to toggle on your browser's bookmarks toolbar to use Cite It! Location of the bookmark toolbar may differ depending on browser versions.

  • Google Chrome: Click More More and then Bookmarks and then Show bookmarks bar
  • Firefox
    • Click the menu button Fx89menuButton and then More tools and then Customize Toolbar
    • Select the Toolbars dropdown menu at the bottom of the window.
    • Select Bookmarks Toolbar and the Menu Option Always Show.
    • Click the Done button.
  • Microsoft Edge:
    • In the menu bar, select Settings and more, then select Settings
    • Select Appearance
    • Under Customize toolbar, for Show favorites bar, select Always
  1. Click on your initials on the top right corner of the reading list and select Cite It!


  1. Drag and drop the Cite It! button on your browser's bookmarks toolbar. Click Save.


You are now ready to add publisher websites, YouTube, and other similar sites to your reading list.

Add items from the internet using Cite It!

  1. Open a new tab or window and navigate to the website you want to add
  2. Click the Cite It! button on your browser toolbar

  1. A pop-up window appears with the items details. 


  1. Select the appropriate Type from the drop-down menu and check the details are correct
  2. Click Add to My Collection or List and select the Add & Close.
  3. You will receive a notice that the resource has been successfully added.

Note: The amount of information pulled when using Cite It! varies depending on the source used. Manual editing to improve the data may be required.

Add items via Zotero

You can add citations from Zotero into your Reading List

  1. To set the connection to your Zotero account, Select User Settings from the menu

  1. Add the Use ID and the API Key. (Use the information guide to find the values you need)

  1. Click Save.

Now to add items to your reading list

  1. Click Add Items +
  2. Choose Zotero and you will see citations from your account
  3. Select an item and drag and drop it into a section OR choose a Section from the drop-down menu and click Add

Add items via RIS file import

You can import a file from you citation manager into your Reading List.

  1. Go to your citation manager and export a file in RIS format to your desktop
  2. Next, open your reading list in Course Reserves
  3. Click the options menu for the section and choose Import
  4. Drag your RIS file to the Batch Import dialog box
  5. Click Confirm
  6. The items are imported into the section your chose
  7. You can reorder the items in your list using the drag and drop.
Creative Commons License
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