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Anthropology 319 - SpringSummer2021

Scholarly Publication Ecosystem - Searching Beyond Keywordss

ANTH 319: Research Methods in Archaeological & Biological Anthropology

Group Assignment: Strategies for finding references:

  • Look at the associated references for the data set that you’ve chosen.
    Some may be linked to the
  • Search databases by the name of the site, time period, region, type of data (artifacts, burials), etc.
  • Review the associated papers and see what questions other researchers are asking of these types of data.
  • Use Endnote Online to save your references and generate your reference list.

ANTH 319 Library Seminar Outline of Topics

ANTH 319 Library Seminar: Outline of Topics  [May 13, 2021 ]

  • Introduction to Online Library Seminar [PPT & PDF links above]

  • Overview of the Online Scholarly Publication Ecosystem [See PPT & PDF]

  • Getting HELP: Quick Tour of the Libraries Web Site

  • Finding JOURNAL ARTICLES via the Web of Science Database

  • Finding JOURNAL ARTICLES via Summon and Google Scholar

  • Finding JOURNAL ARTICLES in subject specific Anthropology databases

  • Finding JOURNALS subscribed to by the Libraries

  • Interlibrary Loan services

  • Using a Citation Management Tool:  "EndNote"

    • Exporting references from the Web of Science to EndNote

    • Generating a Bibliography [a list of references] from EndNote in APA style.

    • EndNote: Using the Cite While You Write™ Plug-In for WORD

Resources for ANTH 319 Library Seminar - Searching Web of Science & Using EndNote

Getting HELP via the Libraries Home Page

Finding Journal Articles: Web of Science

  • Select Databases option under Search options tab on the Libraries Home Page

  • Link to the Web of Science database on the Databases page

  • Register with the Web of Science  [Registration is under the Sign in tab ]

  • Why register with the Web of Science?

    • To add references to your EndNote Library 

  • Searching & navigating the Web of Science [WOS]

    • See WOS Help Contents for tips on Boolean operators (AND,OR, NOT), phrase searching, truncation

    • Demo of search strategies: 

      • Topic search #1 with keywords skelet* age estimation

        • Examine a record in WOS

        • Identify metadata for referencing

        • Review abstract to look for new keywords

        • Consider searching by author or supplied keywords

        • Explore cited references

        • Explore cited by references

        • Link from a WOS record to the PDF of the article

      • Explore the Result Set.

        • Change sort order to Times Cited

        • Refine by Web of Science Categories: Archaeology, Anthropology

      • Refining results via Search History feature

        • Topic search #2 with keywords  transition analysis

        • Go To Search History to combine searches #1 and #2

        • Topic search #3 with keywords  "case stud*"

        • Go To Search History to combine searches

      • Exporting records to EndNote

        • Select records

        • Export to Endnote

  • Keyword strategies: See also Web of Science Search Help pages


  • EndNote:  tips for generating a bibliography:

    • Select Bibliography under the Format tab in EndNote

    • Choose the group folder where the references have been gathered

    • Select a bibliographic style

      • Notes: Setting up "favourite" Bibliographic styles

        • Before choosing a Bibliographic style, open the Select Favorites option

        • Highlight styles of interest and move them from "All" box to the "My Favorites" box.

    • Select txt as the File format

    • Select the Preview & Print button.

  • EndNote : Cite While YouWrite Plug-in for WORD

    • Sample WORD document

Resources for ANTH 319 Library Seminar - Other Strategies & Resources

Finding Journal Titles Subscribed to by the Libraries

  • Search the Journal & newspaper titles tab under Search options

  • Journal titles to search: [Do not search for journal articles by this route]

    • Journal of human evolution

    • Journal of Archaeological Science

    • Journal of Archaeological Science Reports

    • American Journal of Physical Anthropology

    • International Journal of Primatology

  • See also E-journals by subject

Other strategies for Finding Journal Articles and Books

  • Search for known items listed in the references cited in article PDFs and in print books and eBooks

  • Search for "known" print books and eBooks by title or author in the Libraries Books & media catalogue

  • Search for "known" journal articles by title of article in Web of Science, or Summon, or Google Scholar.


Searching Summon (Search box on Libraries home page)

  • keyword searching

  • "known item" searching

  • refining a search

  • reading the Preview

  • saving items to the temporary "Saved items " folder

  • connecting to the full text or PDF


Exporting Summon journal article references to EndNote

For Summon there is a four-step process

1: save references to the Saved items folder

2: open the Saved items folder

3: export the references to EndNote 

4: save the exported file to the desktop or the download folder or somewhere to will find it later. [the file extension will be .ris]


Importing the saved file from Summon into  EndNote.

Open EndNote

Under the Collect tab select Import References

Browse your computer to find the .ris file exported from Summon and "open" it

For the Import Option, click on the arrow, scroll down the list and select Proquest

For the To tab , select the EndNote folder where you wish to place the references being imported form Summon,

Click on the Import tab an the Summon references will be imported into EndNote

Open the Summon folder to see the references imported


Searching Google Scholar and exporting journal article references to EndNote

  • Perhaps the easiest strategy is to cut and paste the title of the article found in Google Scholar into Summon, or the Web of Science, and export the article reference fom WOS or Summon as outlined above.


Search Journal websites and exporting journal article references to EndNote

  • Some journal websites may offer an export option to EndNote. The procedure is likely similar to the multi step process outlined above for Summon, where you export a .ris file and then import the .ris file into EndNote


Interlibrary Loan services


* Notes with an * have been adapted from an EOS 240 Library Lab prepared by Sarah Thornton, Senior Library Lab Instructor,

Creative Commons License
This work by The University of Victoria Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise indicated when material has been used from other sources.