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Art - Critical Theory & Critical Issues

This LibGuide is intended to help you to begin research in critical theory in art and artistic responses in some of the pressing contemporary social issues. The guide introduces related subject headings for specific topics and shows representative reference works, examples of research monographs (books), and online resources.

The Guide is not meant to be exhaustive in its scope but aims to provide a starting point to the vast array of published literature on these subjects. Please note that some topics are grouped together for the sake of convenience in order to present the materials as broadly as possible in the limited space of the LibGuide. These groupings are not meant to be absolute categories. 

Research tips:

- Some examples of subject headings are not particular to "art" (eg., "Anti-racism," "Feminism," "Resistance (Philosophy)," "Pacifism," etc.). In such cases, you may use the Advanced Search feature in the Library Catalogue and combine the subject heading with a keyword "art" or "artists" to find books which deal with both topics.

- Some subject heading searches may lead you to more useful subject headings under "See also" or "Narrower terms." For example, clicking on "Asian Canadians" leads you to a subject heading page with "See also" and lists other headings such as "Asian Canadian women," "Chinese Canadians," "Japanese Canadians," etc., etc.  

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