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Anthropology - 2021

ANTH Grads Library Seminar - September 13 -2021

Presented by Kathleen Matthews, Subject Librarian (Earth & Ocean Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Biology & Forest Biology, Anthropology); 

Learning Outcomes:

Use remote access options to connect to the Libraries from Off Campus

VPN - Virtual Private Network


Be aware of the UVic Libraries services, tools and workshops available for you


Computers and AV Equipment Loans


See Also: Databases starting with Letter "B"

Interlibrary Loan

Workshops in the Digital Scholarship Commons 

ORCID [Unique Personal Identifier]

Citation help and Citation management tools

Libraries Help Videos

Special Collections & Digital Collections 

RE:Quest Service for Faculty

Anthropology Help/Subject Guide

Research Data Services 

Use Libraries "Search" and Databases to discover & access research resources

Understand the differences between Library Search [aka Summon] & Google Scholar    

Reminder: Access Google Scholar via the Libraries Website at

See: "Known Item Demo" Search below

Be able to access key research key databases indexing Anthropology resources

Via Libraries Search 

Via Anthropology Help Guide

Via Databases by Subject web pages

Be able to access the extensive print book and eBook resources 

Via Libraries Search 

Via Libraries Catalogue

Via eBooks Collections web page

Via eBooks Help Guide

Via EBA: Evidence-Based Acquisitions eBooks Collections 

Learn various search strategies [Beyond Keyword] 

Beyond Keyword Searching - PPT

Beyond Keyword Searching - PDF 

Known Item Demo Search: Comparing Summon and Google Scholar outcomes for a recently published article. Published online "in advance " of publication. Learned about this article on Twitter. 

Option 1: Search for "Slowstands, stillstands and transgressions: Paleoshorelines and archaeology on Quadra Island, BC, Canadaarticle in Library Search [Summon] by doing a known item search, by article title. 

Outcome: Oddly only this article is returned as of Sept 13, 2021: 

Duncan McLaren, Daryl Fedje, Quentin Mackie, Loren G. Davis, Jon Erlandson, Alisha Gauvreau & Colton Vogelaar (2020) Late Pleistocene Archaeological Discovery Models on the Pacific Coast of North America, PaleoAmerica, 6:1, 43-63, DOI: 10.1080/20555563.2019.1670512 To link to this article:


Library Search [Summon] has not yet loaded the desired publication that was only published online on Sept 3. Will be published in an issue in October. 

Option 2: Search for "Slowstands, stillstands and transgressions: Paleoshorelines and archaeology on Quadra Island, BC, Canadaarticle in Google Scholar, by article title. Access Google Scholar via Libraries website

Outcome: Google Scholar immediately provides a Get this@UVIc Link 

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