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Indigenous Law / Indigenous Legal Traditions

This guide looks at Indigenous legal traditions created by Indigenous legal orders.


The following resources are stories/narratives that have been reviewed/used by ILRU to draw out legal principles from.

Coast Salish

  • “Battle at Alberni” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “Chief Qapuluq’s Stl’un’uq” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “Little Island of Kuper” in by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “Origin of the Qhwimux” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “Origin of the Thunderbird” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “Sch-Weys, the Shaman” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “The Death of Sch-Lunas” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “The End of Tsilamunthut” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “The First of the Shtsuw’athun (Tsawassen)” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “The Punishment of Spaal” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “The Woman Who Was Made Wrong: Story of Qleysuluq’s Wife” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “The Woman with a big head” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  • “Whatever Happened to Greedy Raven” by Cryer, Beryl Mildred
  •  “Smenatl”  Vol 2 p.80
  •  “Te Stalacin Sqaqiam, the Thresher Myth”  vol 4 p.111
  • “Te Sqoqwaotl”  vol 2 p.76
  • “The Beaver” vol 2 p.95
  • “The Eagle People”  vol 4 p.120
  • “The Seal and the Raven”  vol 4 p.117
  • “The Sun Myth” vol 4 p.112
  • “The Wolf and the Wren”  vol 4 p.111
  • “The Boys Who Became a Killer Whale”
  • “The Creator and the Flea Lady”
  • “The Marriage of the Seagull and the Crow”
  • “The Penelakut”
  • “Beaver’s Seek Spirit Power” p.146
  • “Finding S’uylu” p.150
  • “The Story of Deer”
  • “Story of Cwot”
  • “The Mink and the Wolf”
  • “The Beaver”
  • “Q’iseq” p. 123

Lower Similkameen


  • “Coyote and Fox”
  • “Coyote and Grisly Bear”
  • “Coyote and Grisly Bear Make the Seasons, and Night & Day”
  • “Coyote and His Son; or The Story of Katla’llst”
  • “Coyote and Holxoli'p”
  • “Coyote and Salmon”
  • “Old One and the Brothers”
  • “Old One and the Sweat House”
  • “Story of Porcupine”


  • “Murray”
  • “Shih Gwandak (Young Man and Grizzly Bear)”
  • “Dinjii Dee Ehdanh Ts’alvit hah (Blind Man and the Loon)”
  • “K’aiiheenjik—Willow Man”
  • “Ts’ałvit Deetrù’ hah (Loon and Crow)”
  • “Albert Johnson, the Mad Trapper”
  • “Ch’iteehaakwaii and the Wolverines”
  • “Ch’ataiiyuukaih (Paddled a Different Route)”
  • “War with Ch’ineekaii: Daachilti’ and Hanadaandaii”
  • “Experiences with Early Traders”
  • “How a Smart Shanaghàn Saved People Who Were Starving”
  • “Two Shanaghan and Nanaa’in’ at a Fish Trap”
  • “Story of Tr’iinjoo Vigwizhi’ Goonlii (smart woman) and Nanaa’in’ (bushman)”
  • “Kò’ Ehndanh—Man Without Fire, told by Sarah Abel, Moses Tizya, and Myra Moses”
  • “Daatsoo, Trùh hah (Mouse and Otter)”
  • “Chyaa Zree Zhit Dhidii (Boy in the Moon)”


  • “Tatlow”
  • “The Girl Who Turned into a Rock”
  • “The Raven Imitates His Hosts”
  • “Fisher and Marten”
  • “Lendix’tcux: Part I”
  • “Lendix’tcux: Part II”
  • “Raven and His Stepdaughter”
  • “Raven and the Salmon”
  • “Raven Imitates His Hosts”
  • “Raven Obtains Daylight”
  • “Raven Obtains Fire”
  • “Raven and Tūtq”
  • “The Blind Man Who Was Cured by the Loon”
  • “The Boy Who Was Helped by the Wolves”
  • “The Boy Who Was Kidnapped by the Owl”
  • “The Two Sisters and the Stars”
  • “The Young Man and Dt’an (Famine)”
  • “The Young Man and the Magic Tree”
  • “The Young Men Who Were Turned into Stars”
  • “Story of the Salmon Boy”




  • “Fetching Summer” p.69
  • “Ki’kwa’ju and Ki’kwa’jusi’s”
  • “Kopit Feeds the Hunter” p.72
  • “Mikmwesu” p.204
  • “Miskwekepu’j” p.155
  • “Muini’skw and Pkmk” p.160
  • “Nuji-Kesi-Kno’tasit” p.93
  • “Plawej” p.134


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