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Information about using UVic's Learning & Research Repository - UVicSpace

Step 2: Add your project information

Enter information about your project in the appropriate boxes or choose options from the drop-down menus. Accents or symbols can be used in any of the fields if the keyboard you are using supports them or by cutting and pasting them.

In the first box, enter your last name. In the second box, enter your first name and middle initial or full middle name. Use upper- and lowercase as in common usage.

Capitalize only the first letter of the first word of the title and proper names found within the title. The title should NOT be all in caps, nor have every word in the title begin with a capital letter.

Select your degree from the drop-down box.

Select the language of the project from the drop-down box.

Enter keywords describing your project, being as specific as possible. Use important words from the title, chapter headings, your abstract, etc. If non-English keywords are used, consider adding English equivalents as well. Add only one keyword per box; click Add for additional boxes. There is no limit to the number you can add.

Copy and paste your abstract into the box to ensure no typos. The maximum number of words is 500.

Bibliographic citation
If part or all of your project has been previously published or publicly distributed, whether in print or electronically, enter a standard citation for each instance of previous release (add more boxes if necessary-one citation per box). Include the year of issue and publisher, if known. DO NOT put the bibliography from your thesis here. If this is not applicable, leave it blank.

Select your department or school from the drop-down box. If you are in an Interdisciplinary Graduate Program, choose the department or school to which your first supervisor belongs.

Enter your supervisor's name in the same style as the author's name. Add a second box if necessary. Do not list all the committee members.

Select "Available to the World Wide Web" from the drop-down box.

Scholarly Level

Select "Graduate" from the drop-down list.

Copyright date
Enter the year for the copyright date of the project, as shown on the title page, e.g., 2008

Select "Project" from the drop-down box.

Click Next.

Creative Commons License
This work by The University of Victoria Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless otherwise indicated when material has been used from other sources.