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Use these guides to find resources for your instrument(s)

Call Numbers

M90-M94 trombone alone

M262-M263 trombone with piano accompaniment

M288-M289 duets - two wind instruments

M290-M291 duets - wind and string instruments

M1032 concertos with orchestra

M1033 concertos (usually arranged with piano reduction)

M1132 concertos with string orchestra

M1133 concertos (usually arranged with piano reduction)

ML965-ML968 history and criticism

MT460-MT472 studies and methods

MT466 orchestral excerpts

Finding recordings and scores using Keyword (with Boolean)

  • Use quotation marks around phrases. "French Horn"
  • Truncate uisng "?" This is an excellent way to improve your search results. For example, Sona? will find Sonata, Sonatas, Sonatina, Sonatinas etc.. Truncating means you don't have to search for these words separately by typing each one individually.
  • Use "AND" and "OR" to combine words or phrases. These are known as Boolean operators.
  • Use parentheses: ( ), called "nesting, to groups terms together so you can combine even more concepts or Synonyms. For example: (cello OR violincello) or (beliefs OR attitudes). Using both terms ensures you will get relevant results.
  • Use the limits to limit to recordings, scores or videos.

Remember that some of our LP recordings are not listed in the electronic catalogue. Always check the card catalogue if you do not find a recording in Voyager. For more information on using keyword to find music items look at the music keyword guide

subject Headings

Searching for... Subject Headings for Voyager
('Search in' Subject Heading)
trombone music
(miscellaneous solo works only)
trombone music
trombone and another instrument trombone and [trumpet, tuba etc.]
trombone and ensemble trombone with [orchestra, wind ensemble etc.]
two trombones and ensemble trombone music (trombones 2)
trombone sonatas sonatas trombone
trombone concertos concertos trombone
trios brass trios OR
trios piano trombone
For types of compositions other than concertos or sonatas Try trombone and piano music
studies and orchestral excerpts

trombone orchestra studies
trombone instuction and study
trombone studies and exercises

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