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EOS 525 Research Data Management Library Seminar - Fall 2020

Welcome & Introductions

Welcome to the UVic Libraries

While our library buildings remain closed at present, we're committed to supporting you this Fall 2020 semester. View the Libraries Fall 2020 available online services and check now and then for updates

EOS 525 Research Data Management Library [RDM] Seminar - [Nov 4-2020]

  • Hosted by Kathleen Matthews, Subject Librarian (Earth & Ocean Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Biology & Forest Biology, Anthropology, Research Data Librarian - Sciences);
  • Research Data Management Guest Lecture by Shahira Khair, Data Curation Librarian; [Co-Presented by Kathleen Matthews]

RDM Seminar Outline

Seminar Outline

  • 1:30 - 1:40        Welcome; Introductions; Learning Outcomes [Kathleen]
  • 1:40 - 2:30        Managing your Research Data [Shahira]
  • 2:30 - 2:40        Break (10 min)
  • 2:40 - 3:00        GeoTraces Project [Dr. Jay Cullen]
  • 3:00 - 3:20        DMP Assistant Demo [Kathleen]
  • 3:20 - 3:35        Explore DMP Examples (breakout rooms) [Shahira & Kathleen]
  • 3:35 - 4:30        DMP Writing (individual activity) [All]


RDM Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes: During this EOS 525 RDM Libraries Seminar, you will: 

  • Learn to use the Canadian DMP Assistant to create a research data management plan  
    "Your proposal will include a scientific description, a data management plan and a budget."
  • Understand the importance of good research data management
  • Be familiar with key research data management planning considerations
  • Be aware of RDM contacts and support from UVic Libraries & campus community
  • Be aware of how some Earth & Ocean Scientists are managing & sharing their research data

EOS 525 Research Proposal Assignment [includes a Data Management Plan]

Research Proposal Assignment Requirements

4.4 Research proposal & review process
You will write a Research Proposal for a project that you could realistically undertake. This may
be what you plan to work on in grad school, or a hypothetical project. Your first activity is to agree a title and topic with your Advisor. You should discuss this with them in within a week of the first class. You then need to write a one paragraph outline of the topic, in clear and accessible English, before the third class. A form will be provided, and you must get your advisors signature on this. Any change to the title or topic after this require further approval by your advisor. My recommendation is that you write your proposal on is the topic you plan to work on during grad school, using information that you have learnt while writing your paper. However, this is ultimately a discussion for you to have with your advisor.


Your proposal will include a scientific description, a data management plan and a budget.

We will go over each of these components in class, and there will be more information in a “Call
for Proposals”. Note that you may reuse words from your paper in your proposal.
In the last class, we will have a review panel for the papers (we will likely divide into sub-panels by discipline, with each sub-panel chaired by a faculty member). Prior to the panel, each
proposal will be allocated to two students to act as a primary and secondary reviewer, who will
prepare written reviews of the proposal and lead discussion of the proposal in the review panel.
Additionally, an expert review will be received from your advisor. Synchronous attendance in the review panel is required for everyone (including students in
other time zones). There are no exceptions. We will go over how the review panels will work in class, and there will be more information in a “Guide for reviewers”.

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