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English 146 Library Guide

Resources, tips and help for students in many English 146 sections.


Welcome to UVic Libraries!  This guide is designed to help you with coursework for English 146.  Some resources are useful for everyone, and each participating instructor has her or his own tab(s) for resources relevant to their sections.  

Here are a few things you need to know: 

  • The 5 minute rule
    • This rule states that if you are feeling stuck at any task within the libraries (in the buildings or online), you must give it your best effort for five full minutes, and then ask a librarian for help.  
  • Librarians are here for you
    • If you are a first year student, you'll receive emails from your personal librarian.   Other students can reach their favourite subject librarian for help and advice on research, citation, or other "library matters."
  • We want you to work and study here
  • Check out books, in print or online
    • Your OneCard is your library card, use it to check out books.
    • Use your Netlink ID to log into, or into specific resources on the libraries' website.  
  • Never give up
    • Can't find what you need?  We'll bring books and articles in from other libraries for you via Interlibrary Loan, or help you look for items in other local libraries.  Never pay the paywall!  
    • Follow the links!  When seeking full text articles and ebooks, follow the links provided until you get the item you need, or learn that UVic does not have access to it (if the latter, follow the links to Interlibrary Loan.)  Try all the options provided in the link resolver ("request", "get this", or "get this @ uvic" links) because if one source doesn't work, chances are the next one will.  
    • Feeling stuck?  See the 5 minute rule, above.