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Scholarly use of A.I. tools

How to use generative A.I. tools like ChatGPT, Bing Search, DALL-E 2, and others in academic settings ethically and in accordance with standards of academic integrity. How to reference content created by them or with their assistance.

Diverse stakeholders around A.I. at UVic

A.I. at UVic

Artificial Intelligence has long been a part of research and outreach activities at UVic.

Artificial Intelligence in its various forms and applications, such as machine and deep learning, has long been a part of research and outreach activities at UVic. There are many stakeholders on campus who are actively applying A.I. technology in their research or who are furthering fundamental research in this area. 

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Coursework and projects centered around A.I. technologies such as machine learning have been part of the UVic Libraries portfolio for a number of years.

Predating users of ChatGPT's ventures in mimicking the writing styles of popular authors, Tiffany Chan, a senior developer at University of Victoria Libraries' Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC), trained a bot to write in the voice of Grant Allen, a little-known Victorian writer in 2018.

Also at the DSC, a workshop on Machine Learning with Python is being taught since 2019.

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