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Information about using UVic's Learning & Research Repository - UVicSpace

MS Word Thesis Template

ETD MS Word template

This template is a Microsoft Word template, that can be used with all versions of Microsoft Word for Windows and Macintosh, as well as a number of Word-compatible programs such as Word Perfect, Open Office, and StarOffice.  Although students may use the template to create their thesis document, submission to UVicSpace must be a PDF document produced from whatever word processing program was used to create the thesis or dissertation.

Important notes

Use of this template is VOLUNTARY!  Faculty of Graduate Studies DOES NOT require students to use templates.

Use of this template does not ensure approval of the format of your thesis by Graduate Admissions and Records and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Please review the Faculty of Graduate Studies Thesis/Dissertation Formatting guide.

  • The file name includes the date the template was last modified (e.g., v17Aug09 indicates Aug. 17th, 2009). A template meets most if not all of the thesis requirements that were in place on the date of modification.
  • Microsoft Word provides a thesis template that does NOT contain any of the UVic-specific formatting or wording. It also has a few other limitations that become apparent when making a table of contents and other lists.
  • Tip for Mac users with older versions of Microsoft Word - you may not be able to create your document as easily with the template file. Please come to the library and get help from our staff.


Please read the appropriate manuals or consult Microsoft Word online help and tutorials.

Download the template


  1. Download the MS Word template
  2. Save the template to your desktop or another location
  3. Notice that the saved file has the extension .dot

Create a document based on the template


  1. Double click the template file; this creates a new Word document, separate from the template
  2. Make sure that you delete the template instructions before adding your content to the document
  3. Add your content to the document, then save it (File > Save)
  4. Notice that the saved file has the extension .doc or .docx depending on which version of MS Word you are using