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Political Science

What are academic / scholarly sources?

Scholarly articles are written by experts such as your professors.  Furthermore, before an article is published in scholarly journals, the articles goes through a process of peer review, in which other experts in the field review the article for accuracy, authenticity and originality.  Articles often discuss research, Scholarly articles are located using article databases that provide descriptions of the articles and in most case, direct full-text access.


See our librayr research tip  "Scholarly or popular" at

Scholarly vs Popular

Watch this 2 minute YouTube video to find out what a scholarly article is and how to identify it.


   Summon has "limit" features that will enable you to:

  1. To view only scholarly journal articles,  limit  to “articles from peer-reviewed publications” 
  2. To view scholarly books and scholarly journals,  limit to “articles from scholarly publications including peer review” 
  3. To limit to books, limit to “items in the library catalogue”