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Education - Research in Indigenous Education & Language Revitalization

JÁN ÍY, C̸ENS TÁĆEL HÁLE. ÍY SȻÁĆEL Indigenous Education Students

Introductory Video Clip--Prof. Onowa McIvor

This video clip is an interview excerpt of Assistant Professor Onowa McIvor, the Director of the Indigenous Education program at the University of Victoria. 

Subject Headings

Subject headings used by libraries to catalogue Indigenous Studies materials can be challenging.  When searching be sure to include possible synonyms of your subject or keyword terms.  If you need assistance with your library research, please contact the Education Librarian.  

Graduate Certificate and Master's Degree in Indigenous Language Revitalization

The purpose of this library guide is to support students in UVic's Graduate Certificate or Master's Degree in Indigenous Language Revitalization.  In particular, this guide lists relevant resources held by UVic Libraries on language revitalization topics as recommended by students and instructors of these programs.  Please let me know if you have recommendations for additional titles to be added to this guide or to be ordered for the libraries' collection.

For more specific resources organized by language family, please refer to the drop-down menu of the "Language Revitalization" tab above. 

Because the naming of languages continues to change and develop, searching the libraries' holdings through databases and the catalogue can be challenging; please contact me if you require library research assistance.  This guide continues to improve as I learn more about the language revitalization needs of UVic's students and researchers.  Please let me know if changes are required. 

Books held by the UVic Libraries on Indigenous Language Revitalization

Reference books and other tertiary resources are often overlooked sources of scholarly knowledge.  If you want a great definition of a theory that goes beyond wikipedia, I highly recommend these titles held by UVic Libraries.  

Education Librarian

Please let me know if you have questions about your library research, I would be happy to help you.

Pia Russell, BA, MISt, MEd
Education Librarian
The University of Victoria Libraries

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