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Health Statistics

A guide to health statistics resources in UVic Libraries.

Search Tips

Finding medical /health statistics online. See useful guide at

For First Nations health statistics please refer to the Aboriginal Health Research Guide.

In Google: Use concept keywords combined with the term 'statistics' or use the Advanced Search to find statistics within specific sites. For example, search within the domain for the term 'statistics' (and your concept keyword(s)) to find information within the Health Canada site.

In Catalogues:

  1. For Subject Heading searches: search the topic  + the term 'statistics', e.g. Smoking--Statistics. You can also add in a geographical area, e.g. Tuberculosis--Canada--Statistics.
  2. For Keyword searches include the subject plus the term 'statistics', e.g. (smoking or tobacco) AND statistic*

In Pubmed / Medline:

  • Use the subheading Epidemiololgy for disease incidence, prevalence, etc.
  • Use the subheading Manpower for statistics on demand, supply, distribution, recruitment & use of personnel
  • Use the subheading Mortality for mortality statistics
  • Use the subheading Statistics and Numerical Data to retrieve statistics on non-disease subjects
  • Use the subheading Utilization to retrieve statistics on the use of equipment, programs, facilities & services
  • If a subheading is not available for the topic you are searching, combine your search with statistic*.mp
  • Consider using other keywords such as,, etc. as appropriate

Recent statistics are not always available. It takes time to collect good data and process it.

Terminology varies. For example, 'extended care' can also be referred to as 'long-term care' or "residential care" or "nursing homes", etc. Remember to search all possible synonyms when looking for statistics.