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A guide to Anthropology resources in UVic Libraries

To start your research process, use an authoritative ANTHROPOLOGY encyclopedia or dictionary

For an authoritive overview of a topic, or as a starting point, try one of your library's many anthropology-specific encyclopedias, dictionaries, or handbooks. They often contain subject terminology and information about important personal figures in the discipline, as well as good leads for further research.

Featured Resources

Anthropology Blogs

Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology

A collective forum for discussing and disseminating new information in the field of anthropology.

John Hawkes Weblog: Paleoanthropology, Genetics, and Evolution

Popular with professionals, this is an academic's informal but informed take on news and developments regarding paleoanthropology. Beyond Bones & Stones

Online community of anthropology discussion and news.

Northwest Coast Archaeology

UVic academic's blog discussing finds and sites relating to Northwest Coast archaeology.

Notes from the Ethnoground

An ethnobotanist's notes from his studies in the Brazilian Amazon.



ANTH 250 Library Lab - Tutorial - March 2017

ANTH 250 Library Lab - OUTLINE:

1. Introductions - Anthropology Librarian - Kathleen Matthews (kmatthew

2. Overview of Library Lab Assignment [10 marks ]

All Answers to be inserted in to the Worksheet using WORD. Completed assignments to be uploaded to ANTH 250 CourseSpaces by 4:30PM on March 10, 2017 

Exercise 1: Finding print and electronic boos held at the UVic LIbraries

  • 4 sources are provided. For each source:
    • identify the type of source
    • provide a properly formatted reference - Chicago Manual of Style - Author Date (16th edition]
    • provide a call number and location OR URL where you can read this source via  the UVic Libraries

Exercise 2: Finding peer reviewed articles from journals articles the Web of Science Database; Saving references in EndNote; Printing a Bibliography 

  • Register with the Web of Science to enable using EndNote
  • Do topic search for a hominin of your choice to find 3 peer reviewed articles
  • For each article
    • provide screen capture of the reference
    • answer cited reference questions
    • upload to EndNote Online
  • Use EndNote Online to print a bibliography - Chicago Manual of Style - Author Date (16th edition)

Exercise 3: Reflecting on this Library Lab


a) Tour of Libraries website

b) Findiing books :  Seven skeletons : the evolution of the world's most famous human fossils / Lydia Pyne.

c) Finding Journal Articles:

  • Sign into Web of Science : Select databases
  • Register with WOS for EndNote access
  • Demo of EndNote
  • Find articles in WOS on Neanderthal stature [primary literature & review article] 
  • Take screen captures
  • Save to Marked List
  • Answer cited count questions
  • export 3 article references to EndNote basic 
  • Print a bibliography as a txt file and correct it 

4. Time in class to start on Worksheet.